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at the gardens at uncanoonuc


Grounds & Facilities

Named after the mountain upon which The Gardens rest, you will be welcomed into a fantastic history! Goffstown and the Uncanoonucs were once home to several grand hotels. Vacationers would come up from Massachusetts to enjoy the quieter pace of life while they skied, hiked, dined, and danced. Then, for nearly forty years, Uncanoonuc Mt. Perennials proved to be a destination for garden enthusiasts everywhere.

Now, in the next chapter, The Gardens at Uncanoonuc Mountain is meant to be a new way to appreciate the beloved gardens created by Uncanoonuc Mt. Perennials as well as the natural splendor of the mountainside.


The Cottage

Host up to 45 guests indoors. The perfect setting for cocktail hour.


Fountain Garden

The surroundings of our cottage offer a serene setting to reflect.

The Pine Grove

A stunning woodland setting for outdoor wedding ceremonies.


Formal Rose Garden

Beautiful, floral backdrop for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

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Field of Flowers

A special place for guests to meander during the reception and for photographers to linger.


Sperry Sailcloth Tent

For larger receptions, we offer high-quality event tents, lighting, and rentals.


Changing Room & Rest Room

We offer clean, luxury trailer restrooms with warm wood interior, AC, heat, and elegant lighting.

Photography by Lindsay Hackney